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Amusement parks

A main attraction for families and children of all ages, groups of friends, school trips and passing visitors on a day’s outing, they welcome thousands of visitors each year with their particular themes and dimensions.

Situated at a short distance from Ravenna, on the Adriatic road, the park offers a number of attractions suitable for the younger children like the Mini rapids, the Ottoland, Fantasyland, the Hare’s Express and many other amusements for a more adult public and for young visitors wanting to test their skills in the Rio Bravo, or try the incredible Roller Coaster, the Delirium or the recent addition known as the Divertical.
Inside the park you can also find a number of shows and musicals like Police Accademy. Mike’s Circus and Otto and the Upside-down Tribe that will leave you breathless with their acrobatic dives.
This park is particularly recommended for families on vacation on the Riviera Romagnola and school groups or friends who don’t want to miss the opportunity of spending a day having a great time.


This park is located between Rimini and Riccione and in proximity to Miramare Airport and is easy to reach from the main seaside resorts on public transport or just a few minutes by car.
The attractions in the park are mainly appreciated by kids under sixteen, like the giant slide, Merlin’s castle, Fort Laramie, Space Mouse but also an adult public will enjoy the fantastic 4D Cinema with its three dimensional images and incredible special effects recreating smells, water sprays and air jets for an exciting and spectacular show.

Aquafan has become a landmark of the city of Riccione and the most famous water park in Europe. It is situated in proximity to the “Riccione” exit of the A14 motorway and is therefore easy to reach by car or by public transport with the 42 bus which takes you up the hill from the station or from Piazzale Curiel.
It rose to fame back at the end of the Eighties when, in collaboration with Radio Deejay which, with its Disco Walky Cup launched artists like Jovanotti and Fiorello, the park from which Deejay television was aired, hosted a few shows with the two songwriters from Pavia, Max Pezzali and Mauro Repetto who would later form the famous 883 group.
And this explains the importance given by the management not only to the daytime amusement made of Kamikaze slides, shops, pools with artificial waves, little beaches to relax in, but also to the park’s night life, with its foam parties and theme evenings with popular hosts such as Albertino, comedian Paolo Cevoli and Dj’s from all over Europe who come here to make the Riviera’s summer nights swing.

Italia in miniatura

Situated in Rimini, in Via Popilia, the miniature Italy theme park is an exciting journey, for young and old, across the 20 regions of our Country, to explore monuments, piazzas, bell towers and ancient villages amongst the most interesting and representative of our land which can be admired as you stroll along the indicated routes or comfortably from above if you decide to take the monorail suspended above the visitors’ heads.
As well as Italy, one can see a panoramic view of Europe with the Union’s main states and play in the different play areas like Scherzi d’acqua (water tricks), Play Stokke, Cannonacqua (Water Cannon) or in the Science Fun Fair and combine a day of culture with a moment of fun and games for families or groups of friends.

Oltremare e Imax 3D

Situated next to the Aquafan at the motorway exit, this park is divided into 4 theme areas: water, earth, fire and air with attractions associated with the elements so in the Water area you will find the dolphins’ Lagoon, with performances of the popular TV commercials star “Ulisse”, or Sea Planet where you can admire small sharks, moray eels and sea horses.

The Earth area, the most educational of the areas, will instead lead the visitor to discover the birth of the planet through the various fundamental stages of evolution such as the Big Bang, the extinction of dinosaurs, the ice age and the first humans.

The most “adventurous” area is the one dedicated to Fire which has a 4000 sq.m. Adventure Island with suspended bridges, river boats and sandy islands for a bit of action and adrenalin.

The Air area is the part of the park dedicated to performances with animals where the falconers will put on a breathtaking show and where you will be able to admire a great many species of raptors and birds of prey like falcons, eagles and vultures in the Mulino del Gufo (the Owl’s Mill).
Not to be missed also is the 3D cinema with the largest screen in Europe showing films that will make you jump on your seat.

Aquario Le Navi di Cattolica

The large aquarium has various sections with display tanks divided into different colour-coded routes in which you can see different species of sharks, penguins, otters, turtles, stingrays and jellyfish from the planet’s seven seas and a section dedicated to conservation where the visitor can learn about how the marine world can be safeguarded.

San Marino Adventures

Great excitement for children and adults looking for a day in the wild where you can practice balance and coordination with the help of our expert staff that will provide you with the necessary equipment for a safe crossing.

Six different courses are available for children aged 2 and above and a large inflatable mat to socialize on and have fun as well as 10 different courses divided into different degrees of difficulty for adults who can measure their courage by jumping with the belay device from a height of 20m, the irregular Tibetan Bridge or the 280m pulley.

San Marino Adventures has all the characteristics needed for spending a day of fun and adventure so we highly recommend that you visit this park where you will be the star from beginning to end.

Beach Village Riccione

The water park is situated on the Riccione beach at the Bagno 134 and can be easily reached by taking bus 11 and getting off at bus stop 38. Here you will find slides and pools with entertainment and activities for younger children offered by the Miniclub, sports tournaments, aquagym, group dancing and Latino dance lessons.

Delfinario di Rimini

Right inside Rimini’s port, the dolphinarium offers great shows in the day and in the evening starring dolphins with their leaps and evolutions that will fascinate the public gathered around the circular pool hosting these extraordinary sea /mammals.
A perfect starting point for a stroll along Rimini’s basin or along the Palata which, in the Fifties hosted the Famous Belvedere and its lighthouse.

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